eFlaw Digital cracks

Manufacturing realistic test blocks and flaws is time consuming and costly. With automated inspections, there's now an alternative. The acquired data-files can be modified to digitally introduce cracks to the inspection data.

eFlaws allow use of large number of high-quality cracks in training, qualification or performance demonstration. This not only provides better inspections through training and demonstration with better coverage. Statistically significant evidence also allows quantitative performance evaluation, like the MIL-HDBK-1823A or ASTM-E2862 POD determination previously considered prohibitingly expensive in many industries.

It's paramount to make sure that the digital flaws faithfully represent the actual cracks. For this reason, the Trueflaw eFlaws are true flaws, scanned with the inspection set-up in question and extracted from the raw inspection data. The extracted flaw signals are re-introduced (as-is) to various locations in the data while making sure, that the new location is sufficiently similar to the one where the signal was extracted from.

eFlaws are still real flaws. Manufactured using Trueflaw flaw manufacturing process (or in-service cracks provided by the client). The flaw signals are just extracted, copied and relocated. Small number of real flaws yields wide variety of flawed files for analysis.

eFlaws are offered in four variants, depending on the customer needs:

eFlaw matrix

Online products provide access to UT-data with convenient web interface. Flawed data files are generated on-the-fly to simplified online user interface, which provides only the most important tools for data analysis. The user indicates cracks directly in the user interface and resulting hit/miss data is analyzed to form a ASTM-E2862 POD curve. This offers a cost effective way to maintain proficiency, evaluate vendors or prospective employees and measure the effectiveness of various procedure or equipment changes.

eFlaw / True POD is online POD estimation tool with generic data provided by Trueflaw. Demo version is freely available here.

eFlaw / Client POD is customized version of the True POD estimation tool with client provided data and client specific customizations of the online user interface to fit the inspection target of choise. Secure restricted access is provided to the client specific interface. Request contact for further information.

Offline products are data files read by conventional UT acquisition and analysis software. Trueflaw can work with open file formats and with the following closed file formats: RDT, UVData. (New file formats are added on demand, so if you are interested to work with some other file format, please let us know. )

eFlaw / True Files

are data files based on generic UT data provided by Trueflaw. Trueflaw has constantly increasing set of files and cracks from which files can be generated on demand. Request contact for further information.

eFlaw / Client Files

are data files based on client provided data files. These provide the most customizable option for generating data files for performance demonstration or qualification. The data files can be generated using Trueflaw cracked samples or customers samples and can be combined with crack manufacturing to provide optimal set of flaws and flawed data files. Request contact for further information.

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