Trueflaw produces cracks using natural thermal fatigue damage mechanism. These cracks are used for flawed specimens in various industries and for various purposes. In development, flawed samples are used for tuning and testing the developed NDT method with real response. In training, flawed samples are used to give trainees representative feedback to aid learning. In performance demonstration, flawed specimens are used to confirm that the NDT procedure meets the expected performance target. This can mean wide ranging assessment using both theorethical reasoning and test trials (as in ENIQ qualification) or it can mean probability of detection evaluation using, e.g. ASTM E2862 standard.

The produced natural cracks have similar properties to most service induced cracks. There are no changes to the microstructure of the sample or other artifacts induced by the process. Cracks can be produced to various materials and complex shapes. Crack sizes range from below 0.1 mm to 100 mm and above. Samples of any size can be handled.

The cracks are produced with fully automated crack making machines. Process is highly repeatable. Crack depth information is available through destructive validation of simplified sample. We currently have 10 crack making machines working 24/7 so we can work on several cracks parallel. We have made cracks to date.

Trueflaw offers both custom samples tailored to individual task and standard samples for process evaluatio or POD determination.

We are here to help you. Please call Kaisa Miettinen (, +358 50 3656862) or Iikka Virkkunen (, +358 45 6354415) to discuss more.

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